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Think Space - Culture & Society

Think Space

On behalf of the Think Space team and Zagreb Society of Architects we would like to invite you to participate in the ongoing competition, the second one within the MONEY cycle.
Although the deadline is quite close, 31 January 2014, there is still some time left for you to contribute to the programme by submitting your conceptual designs.

Asides from informing you about the ongoing Culture & Society Competition and would also like to announce the Mini-symposium Culture & Society, to be held in Zagreb on February 28th, 19:00 CET at Lauba, House for People and Art.

31 January, 24:00 CET-Central European Time

Results of the MONEY | Culture & Society Competition will be published in February 2014 on the official Think Space website.

1st prize 1.000 €
2nd prize 700 €
3rd prize 350 €